Comprehensive F&B Management

We know every event is different! Founded on the principal that each event requires a distinct and unique approach to concessions, SoHo works closely with our partners to create a plan that fits their brand’s identity & goals.

As event producers, we understand the importance of concessions to the bottom line, and its effect on the success of the overall festival experience. With our proven track record of high-volume sales, SoHo can optimize your events F&B revenue while providing real time reporting with advanced point of sale technology, as well as assist with coordinating brand and sponsor partnerships and unique chef/artist talent collaborations.

Food Concessions

Soho has customized concessions for over 100 events encompassing crowds from 4,000 – 40,000. With over 1,000 regional food vendor relationships, and our wholly owned & operated proprietary food concepts, SoHo has the ability to fill any and all food concessions needs.

By hand selecting vendors, customizing menus, incorporating local cuisine, and engaging celebrity chefs, SoHo prides itself on being able to deliver a first class experience your attendees will not forget.

Beverage Concessions

SoHo is staffed with a highly trained team of bar design and management specialists whose experience in the event space is second to none. SoHo can help curate and manage a unique beverage experience for any event. From consultation and procurement of the appropriate liquor license, negotiation and collaboration with local distributors regarding inventory and support equipment, and beverage sponsor liaising, we will prepare your event to deliver in style.

Not only can our team build and execute traditional bar designs, we also have the skills and experience to design and construct creative activations that will fit your specific sponsor and event needs. Specialty cocktail curation and pairing programs are available to suit the vision of your event. Real-time sales transparency is provided through our various POS systems. We have comprehensive ID checks and verification points on-site staffed by industry professionals to protect your patrons and your organization. Southern Hospitality is your turn-key solution.

Brand Partnerships & Custom Builds

Your event provides an opportunity to engage with your audience and deliver a targeted marketing message. Southern Hospitality recognizes the importance of brand partnerships and sponsor relationships when it comes to the success and experience of an event.

Our team has strong experience in cultivating and strengthening food and beverage sponsor relationships. We have successfully worked with 100s of partners on co-branded products, beverage selections, white label activations, souvenir merchandise, & much more. From national brands, to creative collaborations, let us do the heavy lifting and help bring these partnerships to life.

Venue F&B Management

Soho Concessions offers full-service food & beverage venue management. We provide an elevated experience for concert goers, movie fans, and festivals within the venue environment.

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